Sunday, August 28, 2016

#148/158 Citra Session IPA (148/158)

NHC 2015 Gold Medal Citra Session IPA.
NHC 2015 Jason Bryant

Jason Bryant of Reston, VA, member of the Wort Hogs, won a gold medal in Category #23: Specialty Beer during the 2015 National Homebrew Competition Final Round in San Diego, CA. Bryant’s Specialty Beer was chosen as the best among 410 final round entries in the category.

Jason makes consistently good beers.  I have learned a great deal from him over the past year.

Jason also has brewed a number of beers with commericial breweries including Old Ox, Gordon Biersch with Justin Damadio, Brew Loco and others. When writing the post I found a number of contest that Jason has entered and done well: Garage Brewers 2013, NHC 2014, NHC 2015, Spirit of Free Beer, Burp SoFB 2015, Mountain Ale and Lager Tasters 2013, DC Homebrewers Cherry Blossom 2014.  I am sure there are others but these were some quick results from his work.

Congratulations for the 2015 HNC gold medal.
3 lbs 4.5 ozPale Malt - 2 Row
1 lbs 8.5 ozMarris Otter
14.0 ozMunich Malt
10.5 ozAromatic Malt
7.0 ozCara Pils
7.0 ozCrystal Malt 10L
7.0 ozCrystal Malt 40L
Hop Schedule
0.45 ozNugget - 60 min
0.90 ozCitra - 10 min
0.75 ozMosaic - 10 min
0.88 ozCitra - 5 min
0.66 ozMosaic - 5 min
1 pkgsSafale US-05 American
Dry Hop Schedule
0.66 ozMosaic - 4 days
1.75 ozCitra - 4 days

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