Sunday, February 26, 2012

#06 Austin - Negra Modelo (3A)

Clone from Austin Homebrew Supply 

The was my first Negra Modelo attempt.  I realized after this that I was going to try more varieties.  Check out a later attempt  Negra Modelo dark.

BJCP Style 3A
ABV 5.78
OG 1.052
FG 1.008
Calories 146
SRM 13
7 lb Amber Extract
2 oz Chocolate Malt
6 oz Crystal 60L Malt
8 oz Vienna Malt
Hops-Bittering (60 min) 1 oz Hersbrucker and .5 oz Tettnang
Hops-Flavor (15 min) .5 oz Tettnang
Yeast Wyeast 2124  Bohemian Lager
Fermentation was at room temperature.  Looking forward to doing the next one as a Lager.

This has been a staple.  I make sure that I keep this on tap year round as it remains an easy drinking brew.  The room temperature fermentation tasted good, but all of my future brews were lagered.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

#05 Brewers Best - Irish Stout

Well not everything goes as planned.  The brewing was fine, but the keg still had the taste of root beer.  You win some, you lose some.  I was really looking forward to this one and was hoping that the root beer taste would go away.  This keg was tossed.

Brewer's Best Irish Stout
BJCP Style 13A
ABV 4.73
OG 1.048
FG 1.012
Calories 136
SRM 40
3.3 lb. Dark LME
2.0 lb. Dark DME
8 oz Maltodextrin
12 oz Caramel 60L
4 oz Roasted Barley
4 oz Black Patent
Hops ??
Yeast Nottingham Ale

Saturday, February 11, 2012

#04 Love2Brew - Smoked Porter

Love2Brew in North Brunswick, NJ.  I stopped in here on a business trip and picked up a few nice recipe kits. The group was very informative for a new brewer.

The love2brew Smoked Porter is a perfect beer to warm the spirits on a cool evening. Our speciality grain blend adds a deep, dark profile that leads off with a balanced smoke flavor and follows up with hints of chocolate and coffee flavors that will grace your tongue as you cozy up at night and enjoy. This full bodied beer will begin with a malty aroma and a dominant but balanced smoke flavor that finishes with strong and semi-sweet malty taste.

BJCP Style 22B (Porter)
OG 1.055
SRM 31.4
IBUs 25.9

6 lb Dark DME
1.5 lbs Smoked Pale Malt
3 oz Caramel 120L
7 oz Black Malt
2 oz Chocolate Malt
Hops-Bittering 1 oz US Brewers Gold
Hops-Flavor .5 oz Northern Brewer (30 minutes)
Hops-Aroma .5 oz US Brewers Gold
Yeast Safale S-04 - English ale

Love2Brew Store

This beer started a little with a little too strong of a smoke taste. After sitting for 9 months, I went back to try this one agains and the taste was much more to my liking.

Friday, February 10, 2012

#03 Love2Brew - Natural Brown Ale

While on a trip for work to Princeton, NJ, I visited Love2Brew.
1583 Livingston Ave, Unit #2
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

This was my third store that I had visited.  It was good to see yet another approach to brewing.
The love2brew Natural Brown Ale is a delicious and additive free natural Brown Ale.  This dark amber brew will provide you with a nutty malt aroma with a touch of sweetness.  As you taste this beer you will notice a smooth and light mouthful with a slightly nutty and malty profile.  The smooth and subtle finish will refresh your thirst while providing you with a perfect session beer. Recipe Kit
Natural Brown Ale Extract Kit from Love2Brew

Love2Brew in New Jersey

BJCP Style 10C
ABV 5.12
OG 1.053
Calories 150
SRM 13.9
6 lb Light DME
6 oz Caramel 60L
4 oz Munich Malt
3 oz Chocolate Malt
Hops-Bittering 1 oz Fuggle
Hops-Flavor .5 oz Kent Golding (20 minutes)
Yeast Safale S-04 - English ale

Thursday, February 2, 2012

#02 Jay's - Amber Ale

Yuengling Traditional Lager bottle labelJay's Brewing in Manassas

Alright it was on to a new beer.  We went out to Jay's Brewing to see another homebrew store.  Derrick was helpful.  This recipe was provided by Derrick as something similar to a Yuengling.

D. G. Yuengling & Son is the oldest operating brewing company in the United States, established in 1829.
BJCP Style 10B
ABV 4.33
OG 1.049
Calories 139
SRM 15.8
6 lbs Amber DME
8 oz Munich Malt
8oz Dextrim Malt
Hops-Bittering 1 oz Hallertau
Hops-Flavor 1 oz Hallertau
Yeast Safbrew S-33 although this could have been
Safale US-05 - American ale
Jay's Brewing in Manassas
Jay's Brewing in Manassas

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