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#55/57/80/93 Allagash White

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Allagash White bottle and glassThis is the most liked Witbier on Beer Advocate.  The recipe comes from Rob Tod of Allagash Brewing Company and is a clone recipe for Allagash White (Belgian Wit). Note: “secret spice” is described as a “pinch of the spice of your choosing”.

Allagash Brewery got their start in 1995 in Portland, Maine. Owner/brewer Rob Tod is quietly making some exceptional Belgian-style beers over on the East Coast. Rob is one of the “brett pack” along with Vinnie Cilurzo (Russian River), Tomme Arthur (Port Brewing/Lost Abbey), Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head) and Adam Avery (Avery). They acquired that nickname through their use of and experiementation with brettanomyces and other micrio biota. 

Price Ingredients
$15.99 6lb Northern Brewer Wheat Malt Syrup  
$4.50 1lb Briess DME Golden Light 
$  2.25  3/4 oz. Tettnanger (60 minutes) (Add)
$  1.69  3/4 oz. Saaz (60 minutes) (Add)
$  0.56 1/4 oz. Saaz (flameout)
$  0.25 1/4 oz. crushed coriander (flameout)
$    0.50 1/4 oz. bitter orange peel (flameout) 
$    0.25 1 pinch "secret spice" (flameout) "secret spice" (anise, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, or ginger) your choice
$  3.12 Wyeast 3463 Forbidden Fruit (re-using yeast for a second batch) (Add)

Blue Moon is a popular brew that is similar with the following changes: 
  • Flaked Oats 
  • Hallertauer (90 mins) 
  • 1.25 tsp of ground corriander (10 min) 
  • 0.33tsp of ground Valencia orange peel (5 min) 
  • Chico yeast
I originally found this recipe on Home Brew Talks.  

My latest batch used Danstar Munich Wheat Beer Yeast.  I enjoyed the previous two batches both used Forbidden Fruit, but with a recent weather change I wanted to brew and didn't have time to get a starter going.

Additional Sources of Recipe Information
Belgian White Ale Recipe From Allagash - Brew Dudes - Extract with Pilsen malt with slightly lower hop schedule and slightly increased flameout additions
Brewers Friend
BeerSmtih RecipeAllagash White Clone all grain convert - Not sure about hop schedule on this.
BrewToad Allagash White Clone by Five14 Brewing - All grain version of above with similar hop schedule 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

#52 Hard Cider

Hard Ciders fermentingI wanted to create a hard cider for Saint Patrick's Day.  I waited too long so the options are now limited. My initial thoughts were to follow DayFlyer55's 5 Day Sweet Country Cider from HomeBrewTalk.  I was in a rush while making dinner so I skipped the Brown Sugar and went straight for the Molasses and Sugar.  I was just guessing and only decided to lookup the correct ratio now that I am writting down what I actually did.  The ratio for brown sugar is 1 cup sugar to 1 Tbs Molasses.  So, twice as much molasses as need.

My goal is to stop the fermentation as soon as we are below 1.04.  This should give us a sweet cider with 4.9% ABV.  Update:  It was a little too sweet.  So we let the cider go another day and then put it in the lagering fridge to have the yeast stop.  The final is a FG 1.034 and 5.7% ABV and 260 calories/12 oz.
13 frozen concentrate Giant brand Apple Juice
   (~4.875 gallons)
2 lbs Dominion Sugar
   (~3.8 Cups)
4 oz Grandmas Molasses
   (~8 Tbs)
2 Cinnamon Sticks
Munton's Gold

Hard Cider

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