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#111/123 Russian River Consecration

Consecration Label from Russian RiverDark Ale aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from local wineries. It is aged for 4 to 8 months with black currants, brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus added to each barrel. Rich flavors of chocolate truffle, spice, tobacco, currants, and a bit of Cabernet. Very full-bodied, sip slowly!


Pub draft and bottles, local distribution draft and bottles, limited draft and bottles to most distributors, seasonal
Original Gravity:1.078
Alcohol by Volume:10.0%
Color:Reddish brown

8.0 oz   Acidulated Malt
4.0 ozSpecial V
4.0 ozCarafa
90 min Boil
8.0 lbsUltralight Malt Extract
0.5 lbsDry Malt Extract
1.0 lbsDark Belgian Candi Syrup
1.0 lbsCorn Sugar
0.5 ozStyrian Goldings??? IBUs
30 min
1.0 ozSterling??? IBUs
1 min
1.0 ozSterling
1.0 pkgAbbey Ale 

Fermentation Schedule
72°   2-3 then free rise
76°to finish out (Target Gravity 1.016)
Secondary Part I 
7-8 weeks

?? lbs   Black Currants
Secondary Part II
4-6 months or until desired sour level is reached
Vinnie does not bottle if the gravity is over 1.008




Roeselare (WY3763) which contains boh bacteria
Secondary Part III
Until desired oak level is reached
??Consecration Oak Chunks

Matching specific wines to specific beers.  tend to use French oak
BeerWine BarrelFlavorsBarrel Aging 
SuplicationPino Noircherries - dried fruit - sour12-18 months
TemptationChardony9-15 months
ConcecrationAmerican oak Cabernet Sauvignondried curents fruit6-9 months

Mashing at 159-160 degrees
Underpitch yeast Belgian yeast
Spin to get belgian yeast out
Add Brett

The Barrels are used about 3 times for 4-12 months:

  • 1/3 first use
  • 1/3 second use
  • 1/3 last use - There is probably pretty little gained by the third usage.

part 3

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