Saturday, February 11, 2012

#04 Love2Brew - Smoked Porter

Love2Brew in North Brunswick, NJ.  I stopped in here on a business trip and picked up a few nice recipe kits. The group was very informative for a new brewer.

The love2brew Smoked Porter is a perfect beer to warm the spirits on a cool evening. Our speciality grain blend adds a deep, dark profile that leads off with a balanced smoke flavor and follows up with hints of chocolate and coffee flavors that will grace your tongue as you cozy up at night and enjoy. This full bodied beer will begin with a malty aroma and a dominant but balanced smoke flavor that finishes with strong and semi-sweet malty taste.

BJCP Style 22B (Porter)
OG 1.055
SRM 31.4
IBUs 25.9

6 lb Dark DME
1.5 lbs Smoked Pale Malt
3 oz Caramel 120L
7 oz Black Malt
2 oz Chocolate Malt
Hops-Bittering 1 oz US Brewers Gold
Hops-Flavor .5 oz Northern Brewer (30 minutes)
Hops-Aroma .5 oz US Brewers Gold
Yeast Safale S-04 - English ale

Love2Brew Store

This beer started a little with a little too strong of a smoke taste. After sitting for 9 months, I went back to try this one agains and the taste was much more to my liking.

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