Thursday, August 25, 2016

#145 Luckiest Man

#145 Luckiest Man Keg Label
Luckiest Man Keg Label
The Luckiest Man Pale Ale is a nod to Gehrig’s famous “luckiest man on the face of the Earth” speech.  The session pale ale was formulated specifically around a new, experimental hop variety called HBC-438. The hop was bred by Loftus Ranches and Hopunion for their Ales for ALS program, which raises money for ALS research by giving participating brewers access to new hops. For example, HBC-369, which in 2012 was officially released as Mosaic, is another hop that was born out of the Ales for ALS program.

Ron Mexico Beer Label
Ron Mexico Beer Label - Homebrew Conference 2015
HBC-438 is a result of open pollination, which is why the father is unknown. Perrault noticed that several of the resulting plants had unique aromas, particularly selection #0406363074 (“fruity, banana”). He gave Vanevehoven a small sample in 2007, then more in 2008. It hadn’t earned an HBC number yet, and #0406363074 didn’t exactly roll off the tongue, so they gave it a code name: “Ron Mexico.” Vanevehoven also called some of the beers he brewed with it “Ron Mexico.”

10 lbs 8 ozPale Mat (2 Row)
5.2 ozCrystal Malt (30L)
4.0 ozCara-Pils
Hops Schedule
0.50 ozHBC-438 - Boil 30 min
0.50 ozHBC-438 - Boil 10 min
1.00 ozHBC-438 - Boil 0 min
1 pkgsSafale American US-05
Dry Hop Schedule
1.00 ozHBC-438 - 7 days

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