Saturday, August 27, 2016

#147 Grapefruit Pulpin'

#147 Grapefruit Sculpin Keg Label
Grapefruit Sculpin Keg Label
This bright showcase of apricot, peach, cantaloupe and lemon dives into crisp grapefruit flavor. A perfect complement to citrusy hop aroma, this IPA has stripes of ruby red grapefruit and hoppy, lingering bitterness.  An escape from the winter blues or the perfect complement to a bright sunny summer afternoon, each pint of Pulpin’ is like a fresh Florida grapefruit grove bottled up into a single refreshing serving. 
The lesson learned from this batch was about dry hopping in FastFerment Conical Fermenter.  The hops and grapefruit fell to the bottom.  Afterwards there was almost no flavor from the dry hop.  To fix this another round of dry hopping was added to the keg at serving time.

0.5 lbsDingemans Cara 20
0.25 lbsBriess Caramel 20
6 lbsGold malt syrup (60 min)
3.15 lbsGold malt syrup (20 min late addition)
Hop Schedule
0.50 ozChinook - 60 min
0.50 ozCascade - 60 min
0.50 ozChinook - 20 min
0.50 ozCascade - 20 min
0.50 ozChinook - 5 min
0.50 ozCascade - 5 min
0.50 ozChinook - 0 min
1.00 ozAmarillo - 0 min
1 pkgsSafale US-05 American
Dry Hop Schedule
1.00 ozCascade
1.00 ozSimcoe
2.00 ozGrapefruit Peel
This was a great beer that was enjoyed by all.

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