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#142 Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

#142 Tank 7 Keg Label
Tank 7 Keg Label
I enjoy Boulevard's Tank 7 so this batch was split with 3 gallons going  for a Saison Brett.  This recipe is for a 7.5 gallon batch.

Tank 7 is a big, boisterous take on the Belgian beer that was traditionally give to southern Belgian farm workers as part of their compensation. While we encourage you to give Tank 7 a try we'd discourage using any farm equipment after quaffing this 8.5-percent alcohol monster. Despite the high alcohol Tank 7 drinks easily and picks up mild grapefruit notes to complement this saison's classic, floral pepperiness.

7.5 Gallon Batch

12 lbs Pale Mat (2 Row)
3 lbs Flaked Corn
11.2 oz Caramel Malt (40L)
4.8 oz Wheat Malt
Hops Schedule
0.20 oz Magnum - Boil 75 min
0.20 oz Simcoe - Boil 55 min
3.50 oz Amarillo - Boil 5 min
2.60 oz Amarillo - Steep/Whirlpool - 10 min
1 pkgs Trappist High Gravit - Wyeast #3787
Dry Hop Schedule
0.74 oz Amarillo

Good Sources of information for putting together the recipe

GreenDragon's information from Boulevard on Homebrew Talk - GreenDragon 10-07-2015 02:29 PM  
Schumed - Included as Notes
MaltsRatios/Time5.25 Gallon Equivalent (TBD)
Pale Malt77.5%
Pregelatinized corn flakes 20%
Malted Wheat 2.5%
Note: known to.add a little biscuit malt.
Note: Corn Flakes now replaced with dextrose

145.4° (In) 50 min 
154.5° 25 min
163.4° 15 min
172.4° (Out)

Beginning of boil gravity of 15.7 and boil for 70 minutes to target 16.3 at the end of the boil.
Hop Schedule

Magnum 6 IBU @ 208°
Simcoe 5 IBU @ 15 min
Amarillo 15.7 IBU @ 5
Amarillo 10.7 IBU @ Flameout
Note: added bravo and citra to the mix

We cool the wort to 19C and let it rise to 21C. We ferment at 21 until we reach 7 Plato at which point we temp up to 23 for the remainder of fermentation. Ending Plato is 2.2.
The yeast we use for Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale is our house Belgian strain. For homebrewing purposes, we recommend Wyeast 3787 to approximate our house yeast character.

Note: Ardennes may be a true clone for tank 7 ..wouldnt reveal temp range though
Dry Hopping

Amarillo  .089 kg/bbl

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