Monday, March 16, 2015


I have now had fun creating a BrewPi for lagering.  Previously, there was an STC-1000 which has worked well.  The Lagering Freezer became the guinnee pig in order to test the unit before using the BrewPi on a new brew.  The project begins with the instructions from "HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap".
Component   Cost
Raspberry Pi $35.00
Eaton 12-Circuit 6-Space 125-Amp Main Lug Load Center  $20.57
Arduino Uno R3  $18.00
SainSmart 2 Channel Relay Board $10.00
Heater $17.97
Power socket 120V/15A   $3.00
DS18B20 Sensors  (Room, Chamber, Beer)   $3.00
8 Position European Barrier Terminal Strip (120V)   $3.00
8 Position European Barrier Terminal Strip (Low Voltage)   $3.00
Inland Type A to Type B USB Cable
              (Connection from Pi to Ardiuno)
Inland Micro USB Cable (Power Raspberry)      $2.99
Electrical Box    $0.52
Power Supply - Salvaged from TIVO Unit

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