Sunday, February 26, 2012

#06 Austin - Negra Modelo (3A)

Clone from Austin Homebrew Supply 

The was my first Negra Modelo attempt.  I realized after this that I was going to try more varieties.  Check out a later attempt  Negra Modelo dark.

BJCP Style 3A
ABV 5.78
OG 1.052
FG 1.008
Calories 146
SRM 13
7 lb Amber Extract
2 oz Chocolate Malt
6 oz Crystal 60L Malt
8 oz Vienna Malt
Hops-Bittering (60 min) 1 oz Hersbrucker and .5 oz Tettnang
Hops-Flavor (15 min) .5 oz Tettnang
Yeast Wyeast 2124  Bohemian Lager
Fermentation was at room temperature.  Looking forward to doing the next one as a Lager.

This has been a staple.  I make sure that I keep this on tap year round as it remains an easy drinking brew.  The room temperature fermentation tasted good, but all of my future brews were lagered.  


  1. and any specifics on the grains? steep, mash? temps?

  2. Updated Hop Schedule
    Mash - Extract Brew
    I believe that this was a 20 min steep

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