Sunday, March 11, 2012

#07 Austin - Left Hand Milk Stout

My favorite Milk Stout and one of my favorite beers.
Left Hand Milk Stout Bottle Label
Left Hand Milk Stout Bottle Label

Left Hand Brewing creates a number of great beers.  This one is my favorite.  Rate Beer list this beer as a 96 out of 100.  This beer is worth a try.

Check out the Left Hand Brewing - Milk Stout

Austin Hombrew Supply sells this as a kit.

Left Hand Milk Stout Bottle and Brew
BJCP Style 13B
ABV 5.64/6.04
OG 1.064
FG 1.018
Calories 182
SRM 21.3
7 lb Amber Extract
1 lb Lactose
12 oz Munich Extract
12 oz Chocolate Malt
1 lb Black Roasted Barley
12 oz Crystal 60L Malt
10 oz Flaked Barley
8 oz Flaked Oats
Hops-Bittering .75 oz Magnum
Hops-Aroma 1 oz Kent Golding
Yeast WLP001 California Ale

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