Thursday, February 21, 2013

#49 Apfelwein Recipe (German Hard Cider) Apple Wine Recipe

After a number of recommendations from other brewers, 10,838 replies and 1,668,170 views on HomeBrew Talk, I decided to try Ed Worts Apfelwien

The recipe placed 1st in the Cider & Apple Win category at the BJCP sanctioned Alamo Cerveza fest (out of 11 entries) and took 2nd place for Best of Show for the main category of Meads & Ciders (out of 50 entries).

I used following ingredients:

  • 12 frozen concentrate Giant brand Apple juice (1 1/2 quarters each)
  • 2 pounds Giant brand sugar
  • 1 five gram packet of Montrachet Wine Yeast
  1. First sanitize the carboy, airlock, funnel, stopper or carboy cap.
  2. Add 100 degree water to the carboy, (*** Need Amount)
  3. Add packet of Montrachet Yeast to hydrate
  4. Add more 100 degree water to carboy
  5. Warmed frozen concentrate apple juice
  6. Pour melted concentrate into carboy
  7. Add hot water to concentrate container to melt more concentrate
  8. Add sugar and shake
  9. Repeat Steps 5 through 8 until all of the Apple juice in the carboy and 2 lbs of sugar have been added
  10. Fill Carboy up to the neck with 80 degree water.
  11. Put your stopper or carboy cap on with an airlock and fill the airlock with cheap vodka. No bacteria will live in vodka and if you get suckback, you just boosted the abv.
Ferment at room temperature.

The advice is to let this sit for at least 3 months.

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