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#46 Munton's Nut Brown Ale (1998)

Munton's Nut Brown Ale can
So, this is a test into how bad will it be.  I received a can of Mutton's Nut Brown Ale with a best before October 1998.

The advice on the internet was "As long as the can is sealed, it'll be fine. Just a little darker than normal. Cooper's cans can be good if brewed well. I usually add a 3lb bag of Munton's plain DME & 2 oz of 2 different hops. The color of the DME depends on the style desired. In this case,I'd go with plain light DME. Maybe Fuggle or Kent Golding hops. Don't let anyone tell you cooper's is no good.
If you've got a good process down,you'll make good beer with the right ingredients. I do it all the time. Even my English bitter is coming along fine. And the IPA that started life as an OS Draught can is very good. When I get the recipe tweaked more to my liking,I'll post it."

The goal of the style Northern English Brown Ale
Aroma: Light, sweet malt aroma with toffee, nutty and/or caramel notes. A light but appealing fresh hop aroma (UK varieties) may also be noticed. A light fruity ester aroma may be evident in these beers, but should not dominate. Very low to no diacetyl.
Appearance: Dark amber to reddish-brown color. Clear. Low to moderate off-white to light tan head.

My thoughts:
We were only going to throw away both the can and the yeast.  Since there were extra ingredients, the cost is really about $8.  If it turns out tasting good, then great.  If not, nothing lost.

4.8 oz 60L Caramel Malt
3.0 oz Chocolate Organic
2.0 lbs Golden Light DME
Hops .35 oz Kent Goldings (15 minutes)
Yeast White Labs WLP002 English Ale (1 year old)

I wrote the above on kegging day.  We will know in a couple of weeks or maybe later today.

This turned out to be a hit.  Many thought that this was one of the better beers.  So a simple change and great results.

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