Wednesday, January 16, 2013

#12/44/53/66/82/83 Corona

Woman with a great ass holding corona
This is a staple around the house, especially during the warmer months.  This is an inexpensive beer to make when washing the yeast.  This is a cheap $16 beer using extract.

Corona Extra is lighter than traditional beers, with a crisp and refreshing taste.

This light, dry beer has pleasant malt and hop notes with a round dry finish.  Best served ice cold, with a wedge of lime that complements and intensifies the flavor through the palate.
Coronita Cerveza bottle capFermentables
3 lbs Light DME
3 lbs Corn Sugar
.75 Hallertauer (60 min)
.25 Hallertauer (5 min)
WLP940 Mexican Lager

158 Calories
8.7 IBUs

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