Thursday, November 7, 2013

#78 Rebel Rye Porter

Northern Brewer's Rebel Rye was provided as a free kit during one of their specials.
Bulleit Rye for Rebel Rye Porter

SPECIALTY GRAIN (20 min steep)
0.75 lbs English Medium Crystal 
0.5 lbs English Black Malt 

2 lbs Amber dried malt extract 
6 lbs Rye malt extract syrup 

1 oz Nugget (60 min) 
1 oz US Fuggle (30 min) 
1.5 oz Cascade (5 min) 

2 oz US Medium Plus Oak Cubes (add to secondary) 
16 oz rye whiskey (not included) (add to secondary) 

Safale S-04

Suggestions have been for bulleit rye.

I lost a lot of beer on this one during fermentation.  The carboy was not big enough to handle the strong fermentation.  There is now 3 gallons remaining for the brew.

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