Saturday, August 10, 2013

#70 Dragon Blood (Triple Berry Skeeter Pee)

I made my next batch of Skeeter Pee but this time the taste was non-existent.  I let this one sit in secondary for much longer and tasted it before adding the sugar at the end.  I also had a problem with the FG at 1.020. So I decided to create something similar to Dragon Blood as written up by DangerDave.

ABV: 10.4%

Amt                   Name                                           
16.0 cup              Washington, DC
7 lbs                 Sugar, Table (16 cups)
                      DB (20 cups)
0.33 cup              Lemon Juice
Primary (Stir Ingredients)
64.00 oz              ReaLemon
0.75 tsp              Tannin
                      DB (1 tsp)
1.00 tsp              Yeast Energizer
                      DB (2 tsp)
3.00 tsp              Yeast Nutrient
                      DB (4 tsp)
Primary (~2 days)
1.00                  Yeast Slurry
Primary (~4 days - 1.050 SG)  (vigorously mix)
32.00 oz              ReaLemon
3.00 tsp              Yeast Nutrient
1.00 tsp              Yeast Energizer
Secondary (0.995-0.998 SG) (degas)(This never happend.)

Change to the plan.
10 days
6 lbs                 Kirkland - Rader Farms Frozen Berries 

2.50 tsp              Potassium sorbate (sorbate)
0.50 tsp              Potassium metabisulfite (Kmeta)
2.30 lb               Sugar, Table (Sucrose)6 cups of sugar

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