Saturday, August 23, 2014

#108 Pumking

Still in search for the perfect pumpkin beer. This attempt was Pumking from Austin Homebrew.

8 lbsLME
2.5 lbsBase Grains
.75 lbsSpecialty Grains
4 ozLactose
7.2 ozMaltose
1 TBSMccormick Pie Spice
1 PacketPie Spice from kit
1English Ale Yeast
11 dropsGraham Cracker Flavor
added at kegging

Tasting Notes: The initial glasses from the keg have too much spice. The cinnamon is a little too over-powering. The assumption is that this will become less noticeable over the next week or so from being in the kegerator.

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