Saturday, June 2, 2012

#21/86 AHS New Belgium Abbey Ale

This is one of my favorite beers to date.  This has been a great winter beer.  This beer sat for six months before we had our first taste.  
Belgium Abbey Ale

Winner of four World Beer Cup medals and eight medals at the Great American Beer Fest, Abbey Belgian Ale is the Mark Spitz of New Belgium s lineup - but it didn't start out that way. When Jeff and Kim first sampled the beer at the Lyons Folks Fest, reviews were mixed at best. One of founder Jeff s first two Belgian style homebrews (along with Fat Tire), Abbey is a Belgian dubbel (or double) brewed with six different malts and an authentic Belgian yeast strain. Abbey is bottle-conditioned, weighs in at 7.0% alcohol by volume, and pairs well with chocolate (or boldly served by itself) for dessert.

BJCP Style 18B
Date Brewed 6/2/2012
ABV 7.09
OG 1.065
FG 1.011
Calories 183
SRM  14.9
6 lb Amber LME
2 lb Cane Sugar
1.5 lb Munich Malt
.25 lb Cara-Pils Malt
.25 lb Chocolate Malt
.5 lb Crystal 75L Malt
Hops-Bittering .75 oz Target
Hops-Aroma .25 oz Willamette
Yeast WLP500 Trappist Ale

New Belgium Abbey Ale

The original beer produced by New Belgium.
Birthdate: June, 1991
ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 20
Calories: 210
Hops: Willamette, Target, Liberty
Malts: Pale, Chocolate, Carapils, C-80, Munich
Body: Medium - Full
Aroma: Candy banana, sweet chocolate malt, clove, bubblegum, sweet spice cake, cinnamon, dark fruits
Mouthfeel: Full mouthfeel, creamy and rounded start and middle, slight warming and peppery perception give it a clean and slightly dry finish
Flavor: Spiced banana bread, slight peppery/clove/herbal, sweet caramel and bitter roasty chewy chocolate malt, nuances of pipe tobacco
Visual: Clear (kegs) or Hazy (bottles) with a deep redwood-mahogany, tan head with elegant billowing lacing

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